There were a number of ideas that led us to launch a journal devoted to methods. These include:

  • Methods papers need support for readers to implement new approaches. This can include code, tutorials and a platform to communicate with authors and other users.
  • Methods are often generic – they can be used across ecology and evolution, and there is justification
  • There was no existsing journal specialising in methods papers.

So we have started this new journal and papers are starting to come in. However we are in the early stages and keen to get feedback and suggestions. Some of the things we are already doing are:

  • We have a blog to keep readers and authors updated on what is happening.
  • We will have a discussion forum that will allow readers to post questions about methods and authors to reply. This will be a useful resource for anyone applying methods in the future
  • We can support all sorts of supplementary material: so not just code etc. but video, audio etc.
  • We are happy to publish “Applications” which are short descriptions of code  / software: this gives a ‘citeable source’ for those developing such tools.

So what else should we be doing? We want to hear from you if you have suggestions. These might include:

  • Who should be on our editorial board? We are looking to cover a wide range of subject areas.
  • What subjects should we be covering?
  • Submissions – maybe you can think of a possible reasearch or review article?

Graziella Iossa, the MEE Journal Coordinator will be at the BES meeting and glad to hear your suggestions! Or leave a comment below, or email before, after or during the meeting. Have a good time in Hatfield!