Four more papers have gone online this month and we are close to being able to put together the first issue of the journal!

In the first new paper to be published Adrian Barnett and colleagues present a comparison of methods for selecting the correct variance structure for longitudinal data. This is likely to be of considerable interest as it is a paper about how to fit the most appropriate description of non-independence in ecological time series data. The approach is illustrated with an analysis of the effects of forest fragementation in a 15-year data set on bird species richness.

Can Hui et al. look at the problem of fitting and predicting allometric relationships. They introduce a new way to measure bias in prediction and show that this is effective in improving predictions.

A new model by Thomas Brey can be used to estimate rates of respiration by invertebrates. The aim of this approach is to allow rapid and easy estimation of estimates of respiration rates. To facilitate the use of this model, a simple to use Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded here to accompany the paper.

Finally for now, Claudio Signer and colleagues describe a new Telemetry system for estimating heart rate, body temperature and locomotor activity in ruminants. This system has been used on Alpine Ibex to provide continuous measurements for up to 2 years.

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