Here is the latest methods digest:-

In Evolution Marta Szulkin, Nicolas Bierne and Patrice David have  perspective piece on measuring correlations between fitness and heterozygosity. Günter Wagner introduces a new approach to measuring fitness. Max Shpak and colleagues introduce an approach to coalescent modelling in populations that are structured and fluctuate seasonally. Richard Reynolds and colleagues look at the problem of measuring selection gradients.

Valério Pillar and Leandro Duarte present in Ecology Letters a new approach to analysing phylogenetic structure in metacommunities. Andy Fenton and colleagues look at the the problem of detecting interspecific interactions between macroparasites from ecological data. Johan Dahlgren has a contribution to the debate on regression methods.

In Proceedings B Peter Henderson and Anne Magurran present a new method for plotting species abundance distributions and linking to biomass. Tatsuya Amano et al. present a new approach for developing phenological indices.

William Morris and colleagues have in Ecology a paper looking at cost-benefit curves for pollination mutualisms. Michael Greenacre considers the problem of correspondance analysis of unstandardised data. Stephanie Carlson, Athanasios Kottas and Marc Mangel describe how Bayesian methods can be used to analyse size-dependent over-winter survival.

In Ecological Monographs Dennis Heisey et al. look at the problem of estimating spatio-temporal dynamics from cross-sectional data. Kyle Dexter and colleagues ask how accurate are identifications of tropical trees, using DNA data to test accuracy.

In Systematic Biology Christian Klingenberg and Nelly Gidaszewski describe new methods for measuring phylogenetic signal and homoplasy in morphometric data.  Thomas White et al. describe a network approach to studying karyotypic evolution. Liat Grievink et al. consider phylogenetic reconstruction when the proportional of variable sites varies across a tree. Stéphane Guindon and colleagues assess the performance of PhyML.

Finally for this month, in Journal of Applied Ecology, Jim Hone et al. look at estimates of maximal rates of population growth of mammals and applications in management, and Thomas Ezard and colleagues deal with the issue of transient dynamics in population management.

If there are any papers that you think should be featured, please do contact me.