We want your input. Because we#ve got a good idea, and we have some ideas about how to continue it, but we’re not sure how to start.

Our great idea was to unashamedly do something like the Statistical Notes series that Martin Bland and Doug Altman have been writing for the BMJ for many years. They explain statistical concepts that are important for medics to understand. The style is informal and short, a bit like a blog post, really.

Our plan would be to largely follow this model, but not necessarily stick to statistics: anything relevant for ecology and evolutionary biology would be fair game. Although initially Rob and I are planning to write these pieces, we’ll open it up for other people to write too. The other difference is that we’ll put drafts here on the blog, so we can get feedback – see what works, what people have trouble with, etc.

So, now here’s our problem. We have ideas for topics to address, but they are all a bit too specialised (e.g. the logit link), so although they’ll be good topics, they’re not a good way of starting. We want to begin with a bang, with something important which will catch people’s attention. But we need some help in picking a topic.

As you might have guessed, this post is to ask for suggestions of what topics to cover. We especially want help with deciding how to start, but any suggestion of what you want to know about will be gratefully received.