Method’s newest issue has just been published online – Issue 3.5 covers a broad range of areas, including abundance estimation, pathology, plant physiology, statistical methods, and much more.

The Editor’s highlights include a research article on the advances in multiplex PCR by Daniela Sint and colleagues, and a research article on structured elicitation of expert judgments for threatened species assessment by Marissa F. McBride and colleagues.

This issue also has 5 FREELY AVAILABLE application articles on simapse, nadiv, popdemo, paleotree and betapart.

About the cover: An important tool of animal population biology is the ability to recognize and follow individual animals over space and time. One non-invasive way to do this is through the use of photographic mark-recapture, wherein unique markings are used to recognize individual animals. In “A computer-assisted system for photographic mark–recapture analysis, Douglas T. Bolger and colleagues present a new software tool, Wild-ID,  that employs the SIFT algorithm to semi-automate the process of matching new digital images to those in an existing image database. They apply this technique to a population of Masai giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi) in and around Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania. The image shows a pair of cropped giraffe images matched by Wild-ID.  The red lines connect matching “SIFT features”, identified by white dots, in the two images.  The green lines indicate where the features on the lower image “should” have been located based on the affine transform applied to the upper image.

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