mee-4-9-coverlargeIssue 4.9 is now available online – containing articles on effective measurement, conservation biology, estimating demographic parameters, abundance estimation and modelling. There are also 2 freely available application articles:marked: an R package for maximum likelihood and Markov Chain Monte Carlo analysis of capture–recapture data and Program SimAssem: software for simulating species assemblages and estimating species richness.

About the cover: As digital technology improves, applications of continuous mark-resighting telemetry methods are increasing. However, knowledge of how to analyze such continuous data is lacking, as most statistical survival methods have been developed for discrete situations. By conducting a simulation to test the adequacy of these models for use with continuous data, we open new avenues for survival analysis of multiple taxa ranging from Cetaceans and fish to the pictured conehead termite (Nasutitermes corniger).
Image © Andrew Barbour.

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