mee-4-10-coverlargeIssue 4.10 is now online! This month’s issue includes articles on animal movement, stable isotopes, biodiversity, remote sensing and tagging, along with 2 freely available applications: pavo and ITSx.

About the cover: The conspicuous plumage of male crimson-hooded manakins (Pipra aureola) exemplifies some of the complex visual signals used by animals for mating and competition. Quantitative measurement of animal color through spectrophotometry has become increasingly popular, but analysis and visualization of these data-heavy methodologies remains a challenge. In this issue, Maia et al. introduce “pavo”, an R package that implements a centralized workflow to combine spectral data and visual models through several powerful visualization and analytical tools. The software provides a flexible and modular toolkit, including physiologically-informed models that can represent colours in the perceptual space of animals with different spectral sensitivities.
Photo © Sandro Barata.

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