Last May we started a trial with Altmetric, using their tools to track the online presence of papers, e.g. on Twitter, blogs, and Facebook. Each paper gets an Altmetric score, which is updated as more data comes in. So, for example, this paper currently has a score of 42 (and boy will I be upset with myself if this blog post pushes it higher than 42). If you click on the score, you go to a page with the breakdown. We didn’t get any papers into the Altmetric Top 100, alas. But which MEE paper has the highest Altmetric score (at the time of writing this)?: Calculating the ecological impacts of animal-borne instruments on aquatic organisms (which has an accompanying video and press release).

Anyway, the trial is now coming to its end, so we want some feedback. Have you found the Altmetric scores useful? Have they been interesting? We would be interested in any feedback (please comment below), and Wiley also have a quick survey they probably want you to fill in.