Wiley have just launched the Anywhere Article, which is an enhanced version of the HTML article. It allows readers to view an article on any device – whether at a desktop, or on the move with a tablet or smart phone, and it includes a host of useful new features.

Anywhere article example

Here are a few of the features that an Anywhere Article offers:
o Superfluous information is kept tucked away under a hyperlink, which you can click on for further information if you choose e.g. an author’s contact information and links to any of their previous publications stored on Wiley Online Library.
o There’s a panel on the left-hand side of the screen where you can view the article information, the reference list, download a PDF, and open the interactive figure viewer.
o There’s a menu on the right-hand side of the screen that lets you skip between sections.
o If you click on a reference within the article, the full details will pop-up in the left-hand panel, along with links to the abstract online, and details of it’s previous citations.
o You can open figures in the figure viewer, which allows you to zoom in, download as a Powerpoint slide, and scroll between figures.

Figure viewer

To view a Methods article in this format on Wiley Online Library, click on ‘Enhanced Article (HTML)’ underneath the article. Here’s a recent Methods paper that you can browse through and explore some of the new features: Personal messages reduce vandalism and theft of unattended scientific equipment.

This is the first release of the Anywhere Article and there will be improved functionality and newer features to come in the future, e.g. article level metrics, citation tools, embedded videos and related content recommendations. If you have any feedback for Wiley, or any ideas for new features, you can click on “Enhanced Article Feedback” underneath an article’s abstract.