ChinaEcology_Advert2At MEE we are looking to publish the best methodological papers. It is no surprise, then, that we are able to contribute several papers to this ‘Ecology in China’ Virtual Issue. The topics covered range from an elegant new way of using very old technology (Zhao et al.) to methods based on next generation sequencing to investigate biodiversity (for example Liu et al.). It is a pleasure to see the range of work being both submitted to MEE from China, and then to see that so much of it is going on to be published by us. Clearly, Chinese researchers are finding themselves at the forefront of ecological research, especially in the application of DNA-based methods, and so are finding themselves having to develop new methods for these new technologies. It is a pleasure to be a part of this Virtual Issue, where we can showcase how Chinese ecology is developing, and the methods that are being developed in China which will help researchers all over the world advance the science of ecology.

Bob O’Hara, Senior Editor

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