New Associate Editors

We’d like to welcome Jason Matthiopoulos (from the University of Glasgow), Oscar Gaggiotti (from the University of St Andrews), and Greg McInerny (from the University of Oxford) to our Editorial Board team!

Jason Mathiopoulos

Jason Matthiopoulos

Jason is interested in modelling the patterns and mechanisms that characterise spatial and population ecology. Much of his work has focused on building theory by translating biological hypotheses to mathematical models, using modern inference to fit these models to population, demographic, behavioural and physiological data, and applying the conclusions to wildlife conservation, natural resource management and risk assessment.

Oscar Gaggiotti

Oscar Gaggiotti

Oscar’s research focuses on the study of spatial patterns of genetic diversity to better understand the evolutionary and ecological processes responsible for their origin and maintenance. He develops ecologically realistic population genetics theory and statistical methods using the metapopulation paradigm and Bayesian statistics, and applies these methods to two research problems: (i) statistical inference of demographic history and ecology of populations and, (ii) study of local adaptation to understand the molecular bases of phenotypic variation.

Greg McInerny

Greg McInerny

Greg has joined as an Applications Editor and will be handling a lot our Applications papers. His research is a blend of science, software and visualisation. Most scientific questions require some level of methodological advance. Those methods are frequently instantiated in code or software. And finally, the results need to be explored and communicated to a variety of users. Fusing these different aspects of science is demanding, but worthwhile. Alongside Greg’s interests in the regulation and generation of biodiversity, he has a special interest in the usability of software and how usability can increase software functionality and quality. Usability isn’t just about GUIs!

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