Accessing Methods in 2012

It’s been two years since the British Ecological Society and Wiley-Blackwell launched Methods in Ecology and Evolution, and the journal has got off to a fantastic start. Tremendous interest in the Society’s youngest publication, and an abundance of high-quality submissions, have led to its switch from quarterly to bi-monthly publication. Authors have proven quick to embrace the use of online technologies to improve the uptake of their new and innovative methodologies, contributing tutorials, source codes and datasets and collaborating with the Methods editorial office for the production of engaging and accessible videos and podcasts. And in February, ISI announced that they would begin indexing Methods’ citations, putting it on track to receive an early impact factor.

For its first year of publication, Methods was made freely available online, while this year libraries have been able to opt-in to receive free, institution-wide access in perpetuity to the first two volumes of the journal and BES members have enjoyed free individual access. However, from January 2012 onwards, Methods will join the four other Society journals and be available on a subscription basis only. BES members will be able to access reduced-rate individual subscriptions.

Methods will still be made available to institutions in developing countries, through the AGORA, OARE and INASP philanthropic initiatives, and the journal will still be able to support authors keen to make their work even more widely available through Open Access publishing. The journal will also be continuing to provide free access to its Application papers – concise, practical descriptions of new software, equipment or other tools. And, of course, our videos, podcasts, and other enhancements designed to encourage and promote the easy dissemination of new advancements will also still be freely available to help promote and drive the development of new methods in ecology and evolution.

Accessing Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Methods in Ecology and Evolution stopped being available to everyone at the start of this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still access it for free!

For starters, you can encourage your institutional librarian to sign up for free access to volumes 1 and 2, in perpetuity, by directing them to this opt-in form.  You can also get free access to Methods as a member of the British Ecological Society – please contact the journal coordinator for further details, or check earlier issues of the Bulletin.

In the meantime, our application papers remain free to access, and much of the software they describe is also free to download.  Methods should also be available via the GORA, OARE and INASP philanthropic initiatives.

Finally, if you’re keen to ensure that your work is openly available to all, please remember that Methods is a part of the Wiley Online Open programme.

Having trouble viewing papers?

Methods in Ecology and Evolution is still available to read, for free, online – but now only on an opt-in basis. So if you’re having difficulty accessing any of our papers, please don’t despair: by emailing your institutional librarian a link to this form, and asking them to request free access to MEE, they’ll be able to sign your library up for free, institution-wide access to volumes 1 and 2 in perpetuity.