New species distribution modelling survey

SDM survey, c. Microsoft Research Cambridge 2011Researchers from the Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences  division of Microsoft Research Cambridge are carrying out a survey to help improve the way in which we develop software for species distribution modelling, and as part of wider research into how the software available to researchers affects the advancement of knowledge. It should take about 15 minutes of your time, and you don’t have to use SDM for your feedback to be useful.

It’s important that they get as many diverse responses as possible, so if you’ve used SDM at all then please do get involved. The survey closes on the 1st of July, so get your skates on! Visit the survey homepage to learn more, and take part in the survey.


  • Listen to one of the survey’s authors, Greg McInerny, talk about species distribuion modelling in this Methods podcast

Some things are not the average

Issue 2.3 of Methods in Ecology and Evolution will be officially published online later this week, but in the meantime we’ve got a great new podcast accompanying one of the papers.

Greg McInerny, of Microsoft Research, discusses the content of his recently co-authored paper addressing the issue of adequately accounting for inter-cell environmental variation when constructing species distribution models.

The paper, Fine-scale environmental variation in species distribution modelling: regression dilution, latent variables and neighbourly advice, by Greg McInerny and Drew Purves, is currently available on Early View but will be formally published in issue 2.3 later this week.

Download the podcast

Fine-scale environmental variation in species distribution modelling