The topic for session 21 at this year’s Annual Meeting of the British Ecological Society is “Methods in ecology and evolution”, chaired by our very own Editor-in-Chief Rob Freckleton – and several of the presentations link in to papers we’ve already published.

The session runs from 11.15 to 13:00 on Tuesday the 13th of September, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Systematic maps: A useful tool for ecology and conservation scientists?
Randall, N. P., Bayliss, H. R. and James, K. L. (Harper Adams University College)


All experiments could be long-term: How to record and archive your locations accurately
Dodd, M. (Open University)
Related paper:  Where are my quadrats? Positional accuracy in fieldwork by Mike Dodd


Inference for spatial processes based on areal unit data
Grotan, V. and Engen, S. (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


Progress from the next generation of species distribution models
McInerny, G. and Purves, D. (Microsoft Research UK)
Related paper: Fine-scale environmental variation in species distribution modelling: regression dilution, latent variables and neighbourly advice by Greg J. McInerny and Drew W. Purves


Making the most of your matrix model
Stott, I., Hodgson, D. J. and Townley, S. (University of Exeter)
Related paper: On reducibility and ergodicity of population projection matrix models by Iain Stott, Stuart Townley, David Carslake and David J. Hodgson (Free and Winner of the Robert M. May Prize)


Inferences from aggregated data using Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC): Deriving juvenile dynamics
Lines, E. R.1, Purves, D.2, Zavala, M.3 and Coomes, D.1 (1University of Cambridge, 2 Microsoft Research UK, 3 Universidad de Alcala)


Model selection in predictive ecology
Lin, Y. and Reuman, D. C.