Yesterday the ISI announced the 2011 impact factors. This is the first year Methods in Ecology and Evolution has been given an IF. And our factor is…


Our EiC is told how to get a good impact factor
This is really good, and we’re very happy with this. By comparison, we are 15th out of 131 journals in ecology, and ahead (just) of all of the other British Ecological Society journals. Among the other journals we’re ahead of are Ecology and American Naturalist. So well done to the team, particularly Rob and Graziella, for their hard work over the last couple of years to set up the journal and get it running (I’m just basking in the reflected glory here).

It must be admitted that impact factors are a fairly crude measure, and even the ISI advise us to (like felix felicis) use it wisely. If the IF tells us anything, it says we’re about as good as the other BES journals, and those around us in the list. i.e. we’re towards the front of the peloton of ecology journals, chasing the 3 or 4 top journals.

Ecology tends to be slower in citation, so the five-year impact factor might be a better measure of how well we’re doing. But even with this we’re 21st out of 131; that’s even without the extra 3 years of papers to grab citations that the other journals have.

Now we have to work hard to keep this up. So please send us your excellent methodological papers to publish.