New MEE article featured in Faculty of 1000

Some bands across a map

Map of the United States, showing the study area

Another of our recent articles, Assessing transferability of ecological models: an underappreciated aspect of statistical validation, by Seth Wenger and Julian Olden, has recently been highlighted on Faculty of 1000. F1000 is a platform providing post-publication peer-review and selecting only the most important articles in biology and medicine. Just 2% of published articles are highlighted on Faculty of 1000 each month.

Ben Bolker and Michael McCoy, Faculty of 1000 reviewers, note of Wenger and Olden’s article:

The authors show that allowing for spatial variability can provide a better assessment of transferability (a form of out-of-sample accuracy).
This lesson, delivered with a good deal of common sense, reminds us more generally that model selection and assessment tools can never be magic bullets, but must be tempered with an awareness of the scope and limitations of the data.

Read more about this article in a previous post by Bob O’Hara.


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