Demographic methods and population modeling have been popular tools amongst ecologists for a long time. Recent advances, some of which have been written about in the pages of Methods, have allowed these approaches to be applied to a wide range of questions, helping to integrate population-level processes more broadly into ecological research.

Between 24 and 26 March 2015, the BES Annual Symposium will highlight the emerging role of demographic tools. It will explore ways in which demography intersects with other areas of ecology and identify gaps in ecological and evolutionary understanding that can be informed by population-level processes. Throughout the Symposium analytical tools and metrics that facilitate the integration of population-level processes into other biological, spatial, and temporal scales will be discussed.

The Symposium will emphasize the importance of multiple voices and viewpoints as well as the value of a dialogue across disciplines. There will be a good deal of opportunity for focused discussion during multiple semi-structured breakout sessions. With speakers from around the world, this is sure to be a wonderful event.

For more information on the Demography Beyond the Population Symposium or to register to attend, just click HERE.