Today, we are pleased to be welcoming a new member of the Methods in Ecology and Evolution Associate Editor Board. Marie Auger-Méthé joins us from Dalhousie University in Canada and you can find out a little more about her below.

Marie Auger-Méthé

Marie Auger-Méthé

“I am broadly interested in developing and applying statistical tools to infer behavioural and population processes from empirical data. My work tends to focus on marine and polar mammals, but the methods I develop are often applicable to a wide range of species and ecosystems. My recent work has centred on modelling animal behaviour using movement data and I generally analyse data with spatial and/or temporal structure.”

Marie has been reviewing for Methods in Ecology and Evolution for a few years and has contributed articles to some of the other journals of the British Ecological Society too. Earlier this month, her article titled ‘Evaluating random search strategies in three mammals from distinct feeding guilds‘ was published in the Journal of Animal Ecology.

This article is the first application of the method she developed to differentiate the controversial Lévy walk from a strong competing model with a similar movement pattern. The paper describing the method, titled ‘Differentiating the Lévy walk from a composite correlated random walk‘, was published in the October 2015 issue of Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Earlier this year, she also published an article titled ‘State-space models’ dirty little secrets: even simple linear Gaussian models can have estimation problems‘ in Scientific Reports. This article describes some of the challenges of fitting the increasingly popular state-space models to data and discusses potential solutions to some of the estimation problems.

We are thrilled to welcome Marie as a new Associate Editor and we look forward to working with her on the journal.