Today, we are pleased to announce the latest new member of the Methods in Ecology and Evolution Associate Editor Board. Saras Windecker joins us from the University of Melbourne, Australia as an Applications Editor. You can find out a little more about her below.

Saras Windecker

“I’m a quantitative ecologist who started out as a wetland ecologist. I’m interested in developing and applying models for a range of applied and theoretical questions, spanning decomposition, species distributions, and more recently, public health forecasting. I’m interested in software development for scientists and thinking about how we develop literate programming skills and promote open science in ecology.”

Saras developed and maintains the Mixchar R package – a mixture model for the deconvolution of thermal decay curves. It allows you to quantify proportions of biomass components in plant litter.

We are thrilled to welcome Saras as a new Applications Associate Editor and we look forward to working with her on the journal over the coming years.