Our latest round of accepted articles include:

  • A comparative study of ecological specialization estimators
    Timothée Poisot, Elsa Canard, Nicolas Mouquet and Michael Hochberg
  • An objective, niche-based approach to indicator species selection
    Simon Butler, Robert Freckleton, Anna Renwick and Ken Norris
  • Selecting pseudo-absences for species distribution models: how, where and how many?
    Morgane Barbet-Massin, Frédéric Jiguet, Cécile Albert and Wilfried Thuiller
  • Assessing transferability of ecological models: an underappreciated aspect of statistical validation
    Seth Wenger and Julian Olden
  • Cascade Multivariate Regression Tree: a novel approach for modelling nested explanatory sets
    Marie-Hélène Ouellette, Pierre Legendre and Daniel Borcard

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