Recently accepted articles

Another week, another set of manuscripts accepted for publication in Methods in Ecology and Evolution:

  • Functional rarefaction for species abundance data
    Carlo Ricotta, Sandrine Pavoine, Giovanni Bacaro and Alicia Acosta
  • Sampling period, size, and duration influences measures of bat species richness from acoustic surveys
    Samuel Skalak, Richard Sherwin and R. Brigham
  • Barcoding’s next top model: an evaluation of nucleotide substitution models for specimen identification
    Rupert Collins, Laura Boykin, Robert Cruickshank and Karen Armstrong
  • Asessing individual heterogeneity using model selection criteria: How many mixture components in capture-recapture models?
    Sarah Cubaynes, Christian Lavergne, Eric Marboutin and Olivier Gimenez

We’ve also accepted abc: an R package for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC), by Katalin Csilléry, Olivier Francois and Michael Blum, which will join our collection of free application papers.

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