Today, we are pleased to be welcoming a new member of the Methods in Ecology and Evolution Associate Editor Board. Sarah Goslee joins us from the USDA Agricultural Research Service in the USA and you can find out a little more about her below.

Sarah Goslee

“‘Why is this plant growing here?’ Tackling this question has led me through wetlands, forests, deserts and grasslands. I’ve poked at this question from the scale of plant traits all the way up to satellite imagery. I employ tools that include multivariate analysis, community and landscape diversity metrics, simulation modelling, and spatial classification. My current focus is on agricultural decision support tools for pasture and rangeland.”

Sarah will be handling Applications articles for the journal. Applications papers describe new software, equipment or other practical tools, with the intention of promoting and maximising the uptake of these new approaches. All of our published Applications articles are freely available to everyone.

Dr Goslee is currently working on the Multifunctional Farms and Landscapes to Enhance Ecosystem Services project at both field and landscape scales. Her most recent article, ‘Navigating spatial and temporal complexity in developing a long-term land use database for an agricultural watershed‘ (co-authored with T.L. VeithJ.E. RichardsA.S. CollickR.B. Bryant, D.A. MillerB.W. BillsA.R. Buda, R.L. Sebring and P.J.A. Kleinman) was published in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation in their September/October issue last year.

We are thrilled to welcome Sarah as a new Associate Editor and we look forward to working with her on the journal.