Collecting leaves or seeds from tall trees is a difficult task that many plant physiologists, ecologists, geneticists and forest managers encounter repeatedly. In a series of videos on the Methods in Ecology and Evolution YouTube channel, Kara N. YoungentobChristina Zdenek and Eva van Gorsel demonstrate how to use the arborist throw-line launcher, which significantly simplifies this task. This new way of collecting seeds and leaves from tall trees is explained in their Applications article ‘A simple and effective method to collect leaves and seeds from tall trees‘. As this is an Applications paper, it is freely available to everyone.

Basic Techniques for the Arborist Throw-line Launcher

The first of the three videos is a basic overview of the method. In this tutorial, the authors teach you how to find the ideal branch, how to use the throw-line launcher and go through some important safety information.

Set up and Storage for the Arborist Throw-line Launcher

In the second tutorial video, we find out what equipment is needed to use the arborist throw-line launcher, how to set it up and how it should be stored and transported.

Techniques for Arborist Throw-line Launcher Experts

By now you’re probably feeling pretty comfortable with the basics of the arborist throw-line launcher and you’re ready for some more advanced techniques. The final tutorial video will show you how to retrieve a branch using a slip-knot, with two people and with a flexible saw.

For full information on this method, read the Applications Article
A simple and effective method to collect leaves and seeds from tall trees‘.
(Freely available to everyone.)