Today, we are pleased to announce the latest new member of the Methods in Ecology and Evolution Associate Editor Board. Laura Graham joins us from the University of Southampton, UK as an Applications Editor. You can find out a little more about her below.

Laura Graham

“I’m a quantitative ecologist interested in how anthropogenic changes such as climate change and habitat loss affect global ecosystems, and how this in turn affects human well-being. I develop computational methods for spatial ecology to facilitate the reproducible analysis of social-ecological systems and ecosystem services. I’m interested in using novel statistical methods and heterogeneous sources of data to answer applied and theoretical questions.”

Laura was one of the authors of the BES Guide to Reproducible Code in 2017. She provided the chapter on Programming, which covered style guides, portable code, defensive programming and much more. Her most recent article, The incidence function model as a tool for landscape-scale ecological impact assessments, was published in Landscape and Urban Planning last year.

We are thrilled to welcome Laura as a new Applications Associate Editor and we look forward to working with her on the journal over the coming years.