Busy month at Methods, we are very pleased to announce that five new associated editors have just joined our journal: Olivier Gimenez, CNRS, France, Luca Giuggoli, University of Bristol, UK, Darren Kriticos, CSIRO, Australia, Jessica Metcalf, University of Oxford, UK,  and Helene Muller-Landau, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

Olivier is a population biologist with a background in biostatistics studying animal demography in wild populations.

Luca is a physicist with an interest in animal foraging processes and the formation of territorial and home range patterns, as well as many other processes where individual agents move and interact collectively.

Darren is an ecological modeller with interests centred on theoretical and applied invasion ecology, especially invasive pests.

Jessica is an evolutionary ecologist at the Department of Zoology with an interest in disease, human demography and parasite evolution.

Finally, Helene is a plant ecologist with an interest in plant community and ecosystem ecology, especially of tropical forests.

Welcome on board Olivier, Luca, Jessica, Darren and Helene, we look forward to working with you!