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Our Most Popular Posts of 2018:

© Lauric Thiault

  1. Ending the Terror of R Errors
  2. Balance: Time for Your Life and Your Career
  3. Code Based Methods and the Problem of Accessibility
  4. New Studies Aim to Boost Social Science Methods in Conservation Research
  5. How Strong is Natural Selection? Stitching Together Linear and Nonlinear Selection on a Single Scale
  6. Spatial Cross-Validation of Species Distribution Models in R: Introducing the blockCV Package (این پست به فارسی موجود است)
  7. Solo: Developing a Cheap and Flexible Bioacoustic Tool for Ecology and Conservation
  8. Bias, Role Models and Women in STEM
  9. Practical Tools: A New Article Type and a Virtual Issue
  10. Policy on Publishing Code: Encouraging Good Practice to Ensure Quality

Our Most Popular Posts of All Time:

© Andy Pratt

© Andy Pratt

  1. What is Beta Diversity?
  2. The DOs and DON’Ts of Selecting Preferred Reviewers
  3. Ten Top Tips for Reviewing Statistics: A Guide for Ecologists
  4. Writing Manuscripts: The Alternative ‘Guide to Authors’
  5. Some Big News about MAXENT
  6. A Quickstart Guide for Building Your First R Package
  7. When to Identify Non-Preferred Reviewers
  8. First Paper Now Online!
  9. Maximising the Exposure of Your Research: Search Engine Optimisation and why it matters
  10. What Makes a Good Peer Review: Peer Review Week 2016

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