LSJ_14_66814_FHU_MEE-ISEC-VI-WebAdvert_200px_Proof01BMethods in Ecology and Evolution has been publishing papers on statistical ecology since its inception in 2010. Since the last ISEC meeting, we have published many more papers, of an increasing quality and influence. We have put together a Virtual Issue to showcase some of those papers (but it also misses out many more that will be just as interesting)!.

The papers chosen show the range of statistical issues that have been covered in MEE so far: movement ecology, distributions, abundance, dynamics, capture/recapture, as well as papers on how we should interpret our results. MEE also publishes applications, which outline recent developments in implementations of methods, for example new software and packages, and a couple of these are included in this Virtual Issue.

I hope these papers will prove to be stimulating, and show the range of statistical subjects covered in MEE. I also hope it will encourage you to explore other papers published in MEE, and to submit your best papers on statistical ecology to Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Senior Editor