Post provided by Richel Bilderbeek

 What is babette?

‘babette‘ is an R package that works with the popular phylogenetic tool BEAST2. BEAST2 uses one or more alignments and a model setup to create a Bayesian posterior of jointly estimated model parameters and phylogenies.

babette lets you call BEAST2 from an R script. This makes it easier to explore models and/or alignments than using the graphical user interface programs that BEAST2 provides. It will also help you to improve the reproducibility of your work with BEAST2.

babette Tutorial Videos

If you’re new to phylogentic analyses, the video ‘babette demo‘ demonstrates the package. It has all of the information that you need to be able to start using the package

If you’ve already worked with BEAST2 and its helpers BEAUti 2 and Tracer, the video ‘babette comparison‘ shows how you can get the same results as these with `babette’.

Need more examples? The video ‘babette examples‘ shows 10 examples of BEAUti 2 model setups tranformed to babette function calls

To find out more about babette, read our article ‘babette: BEAUti 2, BEAST2 and Tracer for R’. As an Applications Article, this article is freely available to everyone.