The Robert May Prize is awarded to the best paper written by in the journal by an author at the start of their research career. With entries spanning out 13th volume our senior editors have selected the following 8 papers.

Tanya  Strydom with Food web reconstruction through phylogenetic transfer of low-rank network representation

Sandra Simon with ISSRseq: An extensible method for reduced representation sequencing

Carrie Tribble with RevGadgets: An R package for visualizing Bayesian phylogenetic analyses from RevBayes

Jordan Cuff with Overcoming the pitfalls of merging dietary metabarcoding into ecological networks read their blog post about their article here

Tessa Rhinehart with A continuous-score occupancy model that incorporates uncertain machine learning output from autonomous biodiversity surveys

Julius Juodakis with Wind-robust sound event detection and denoising for bioacoustics

Anna Spiers with Estimating species misclassification with occupancy dynamics and encounter rates: A semi-supervised, individual-level approach

Bruno do Rosario Petrucci with paleobuddy: An R package for flexible simulations of diversification and fossil sampling

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner in the coming weeks!