Metapopulation Microcosm Plates (MMP) are devices which resemble 96-well microtiter plates in size and shape, but with corridors connecting the wells in any configuration desired. They can be used to culture microbial metapopulations or metacommunities with up to 96 habitat patches.

In these two video tutorials, Helen Kurkjian explains how you can assemble, fill and clean MMPs in your lab.

Part 1 of this video demonstrates the steps to assemble these devices in the lab, including gathering the needed materials, layering the pieces in an assembly jig, loosely tightening screws, and preparing the assembled devices to go in the autoclave.

Part 2 of this video demonstrates the steps to fill and clean these devices, including tightening screws, submerging in liquid media, filling under a vacuum, and cleaning the exteriors.

If you have any questions about making the necessary pieces, choosing materials, or downloading design files visit Helen’s website.

And to find out more about MMPs, read the first Methods in Ecology and Evolution Practical Tools article: ‘The Metapopulation Microcosm Plate: A modified 96‐well plate for use in microbial metapopulation experiments‘ (freely available to everyone, no subscription required).